Sig Sauer KILO2400ABS Rangefinder

Sig Sauer KILO2400ABS Rangefinder

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The KILO2400ABS is the world’s most advanced rangefinder that ranges up to 2 miles featuring an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator, onboard environmental sensors and Bluetooth for synchronizing custom profiles with a free, downloadable ballistic app for your iOS or Android smartphone. Includes a tripod adapter, smartphone jack WindMETER, ballistic nylon Molle kit bag and nylon carry pouch, lanyard, 3 spare batteries, and SIG SAUER Tactical pen/stylus to get you up and running for long range precision target shooting and hunting.




• Ranges up to 2 miles with the Revolutionary LightWave DSPTM Technology for the fastest and longest distance rangefinder engine.
• Free downloadable SIG Ballistic App for your smartphone. iOS and Android are supported. Build, edit, and upload from the app to your device.
• Bluetooth 4.0 for synchronizing up to 4 custom ballistic profiles between the free SIG Ballistic App and rangefinder. Both Classic and Low Energy are supported for iOS and Android smartphones.  
• 7x25mm monocular with SpectraCoatTM anti-reflection coatings for superior light transmission and optical clarity. 
• HyperScanTM Technology provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode while RangeLockTM reports the last range result when ranging distant targets. Results displayed to the nearest 1/10 yard. 
• Embedded Applied Ballistics Elite with bullet database and support for G1/G7 and AB Custom Drag curves. Users can choose CDM or G1/G7 when profile building.
• AB Ballistics Engine: Most accurate ballistic solver on the market. Trusted by professionals.

• Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, & Coriolis Effect are all calculated in the system (Embedded sensors adjust for this in real time).

• Temperature, pressure and humidity sensors for real-time environmental inputs to the embedded ballistic calculator and the ability to train for muzzle velocity shift with temperature shift.

• Customizable Reticle allows you to change the look of the reticle by adding/removing parts of the milling grid.

• Advanced OLED display provides a smaller, extremely precise targeting circle along with milling features and ballistic info including holdover, angle, wind direction, wind speed, target mode, density altitude and shot angle.

• Digital Compass / Magnetometer / Inclinometer provides magnetic heading and incline for long distance shooting and Coriolis adjustment.

• Line of Sight or Angle Modified range in addition to full ballistic holdover and windage results in MIL or MOA.

• LumaticTM Display automatically calibrates display brightness to changing ambient light conditions.

• 3 Operating Modes: Target Mode for first, last or best options; AMR Mode where Angle Modified Range (Inclination) can be turned on/off; and LOS Mode for Line Of Sight (No inclination calculation adjustment).

• Compact, lightweight magnesium housing with binocular style eyecup and diopter adjustment.

• Sensor Override: Ability to override the current sensor readings and input your own parameters such as Temp, Pressure, Direction of Fire etc.

• Metric support

• Unique Housing/Color: Magnesium, Flat Dark Earth, with Applied Ballistics Medallion.

• Sleek design for one-handed operation and lanyard attachment.

• Adjustable Timeout – Adjust the timeout on the LRF from the app to 30(Default), 60, or 180 seconds.

• New milling reticle with 2.4 MRAD inner diameter and 3 MRAD outer diameter center aiming circle.

• Includes a smartphone wind meter, tripod adapter, and SIG Tactical pen/stylus.

• Covered by SIG SAUER’s INFINITE GuaranteeTM and Electronics Limited Warranty



Included Equipment

1. Free App for Android & iOS.

2. One Piece, Solid Machined, Tripod Mount.

3. TYR Water Resistant Molle Gear Bag.

4. Padded Ballistic Nylon Case.

5. Wind Meter.

6. Sig Sauer Tactical Pen/Stylus.

7. Lanyard.

8. 3 Batteries.


Technical Specs

- Compact Form Factor – 4.2in(107mm) Tall x 1.3in(33mm) Wide x 3in(76mm) Tall

- Housing – Magnesium, Flat Dark Earth, Housing.

- Lens – 7x25mm monocular with SpectraCoat™ anti-reflective coating.

- Performance – Deer (1400 Yards), Trees (1800 Yards), Reflective Steel (2000 Yards+).

- Field of View (FOV) @ 100 Yards – 35.67 ft.

- Angular FOV – 6.78 degrees

- Laser – 905nmLaser

- Divergence – 1.3 Mils (4.4 MOA) Round.

- Weight with battery – 7.5oz/215g

- Exit Pupil – 3.6mm

- Eye Relief – 15mm

- Readings: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Density Altitude, Direction of Fire (Compass), Inclination (Vertical Angel to Target), Range.

- Bluetooth BLE – Android/iOS/PC Compatible. Theoretical Max Range 100Meters (Perfect World).


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