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SMA-Elk Ridge Ti LRH
  • SMA-Elk Ridge Ti LRH

    We get asked all the time “what would you build “? Well, this is it. The Elk Ridge is the pinnacle of the SMA big game custom bolt action rifles. The science behind this build comes from years of field testing all of the included components. We don’t just believe what we read or see on the internet. We actually want firsthand experience with all of the products we manufacture and sell. The Elk Ridge utilizes every top-shelf component available. We start with the Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti Alpine action with an amazing diamond-like carbon bolt body coating. We have used the titanium Fuzion for many years and have not found a stronger, smoother or more accurate action. We choose the Ti Fuzion in our NRL Hunter competition rifles. The competition rifles shoot thousands of rounds per year with a zero percent failure rate. We match this titanium foundation to a hand selected Proof Research Carbon Fiber stainless steel barrel. Once all critical measurements are taken we utilize our match grade state of the art chambering process maintaining .0002’ of coaxial alignment throughout the process resulting in a zero headspace precision cut chamber. Trying to spec a stock for such a special rifle was not easy. We’ve tested many high end lightweight carbon fiber stocks and until now we always felt that we had to compromise weight for function and adjustability. When we picked up the all new Manners Long Range Hunter at Shot Show 2022 that all changed. The LRH is the first stock to fully incorporate a height adjustable cheek riser on a carbon fiber stock that weighs in at an incredible 30oz. We feel that this piece of cutting edge technology fits the Elk Ridge like a glove. After pillar glass bedding the finished rifle is then test fired to confirm accuracy standard of 1/2MOA 3 shot 100 yard group using quality factory ammunition.

    The SMA Elk Ridge is in a class by itself. The form, function and beauty of this rifle is obvious. If you need a tool to trust on that once in a lifetime hunt look no further.

    If we ever run into each other in the mountains of Idaho there’s a 99% chance that we will be packing an Elk Ridge.  

    The Specs:

    Action: Lone Peak Arms Fuzion AlpineTitanium, LA, SA, RH, DLC Action Coating, Spiral Bolt Fluting

    Barrel: Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel (16.5-24”)

    Stock: Manners LRH, Elite Tac Finish 

    Trigger: TT Primary

    Bottom Metal: Hawkins Precision M5 Flush Hunter with 3 round mag

    Muzzle Device: 11 Degree Muzzle Crown

    Metal Finish: Cerakote Carbon Barrel Ends to Match DLC Action Coating


    Dry Weight SA 6.2lbs LA 6.5lbs

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