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SMA- Wells Summit PH

The Wells Summit is our mid level build that packs features usually reserved for custom rifles costing substantially more. We start this blue collar build with a foundation of stainless steel and black nitride utilizing the venerable Lone Peak Arms Razor action. The Razor features the classic round bolt body aesthetics along with a fully spiral fluted bolt coated in black nitride for ultra smooth cycling in the toughest conditions. The Razor is precision fit to a hand selected Proof Research Stainless Steel barrel utilizing our match grade threading and chambering process maintaining .0002 of coaxial alignment and resulting in a ultra precise zero headspace chamber. The completed barreled action is then coated with a customer-selected coat of Cerakote ceramic paint.  After Cerakote the barreled action is pillar bedded in the all new Manners Carbon Fiber Stocks Pro Hunter ultra lightweight stock. The Pro Hunter is Ridiculously light yet super strong in all the right places. At just 27oz this lightweight stock is rated for use with even hardest recoiling magnums. The finished rifle is then test fired to confirm accuracy standard of 1/2MOA 3 shot 100 yard group with quality factory ammunition. 

With all of these world class features the Wells Summit is a rifle built for doing work in the harshest environments on the planet. No prey will be safe at any range with this precision tool in your hands. 


The Specs:

Action: Lone Peak Arms Razor SS, LA, SA, RH, Spiral Bolt Fluting

Barrel:  Proof Research Premium Stainless Steel in Medium Sporter Contour (16.5-26” Barrel Lengths)

Stock: Manners Pro Hunter Elite Tac Finish

Trigger: TriggerTech Primary

Bottom Metal: Hawkins M5 DBM Hunter with 3 round mag

Muzzle Device: 11 Degree Target Crown

Metal Finish: Cerakote Barreled Action 1 Color

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