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SMA - First Peak

*Starting at $4,083.00

Introducing the 1st Peak, an exceptional value in our custom rifle lineup. The heart of this build is the Lone Peak Arms Razor Stainless Steel action, a testament to precision and reliability, complete with an included 20MOA cross-slot rail. Pairing seamlessly with this, a meticulously selected Proof Research Stainless Steel barrel undergoes our match-grade threading and chambering process, maintaining a remarkable .0002 of coaxial alignment for an ultra-precise zero headspace chamber. A chosen coat of Cerakote ceramic paint is expertly applied to the barreled action, ensuring both enduring good looks and durability through oven curing.

The newly painted action finds its place in the AG Composite Sportsman stock, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of the rifle. Pillar glass bedded to perfection, the completed rifle is a marriage of precision and craftsmanship. To confirm its mettle, each finished rifle undergoes rigorous testing, firing a 1/2 MOA 3-shot group at 100 yards using quality factory ammunition. These meticulous steps, often unseen in rifles at this price point, make the 1st Peak a standout choice for those who demand both affordability and uncompromised performance..

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The Specs:

Action: Lone Peak Arms Razor SS Nitride Coating

Barrel: Proof Stainless Steel Medium Sporter Contour

Stock: AG Composites Sportsman

Trigger: TriggerTech Primary

Bottom Metal: Hawkins BDL Kit

Muzzle Device: 11 Degree target crown

Metal Finish: Cerakote Barreled Action 1 Color

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