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2024 Rifle Catalogue 

Experience the peak in performance and precision with our 2024 Custom Rifle lineup. Our team of experienced builders has carefully curated a selection of rifles to meet all your needs. Each rifle is built with the highest-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled accuracy. Find out more about our selection below and start your journey to becoming a true marksman.


SMA - Deadline Ridge

*Starting at $2,929.95

The Deadline Ridge is our precision semi-custom rifle. Featuring the rock solid Tikka T3/T3x Stainless Steel action as the foundation for this budget friendly build.

SMA - First Peak 

*Starting at $4,083.00

The 1st Peak might be the low cost sleeper in our custom rifle lineup. 


SMA - Wells Summit

*Starting at $5,504.65

The Wells Summit is our mid level build that packs features usually reserved for custom rifles costing substantially more.

SMA - Elk Ridge

*Starting at $5,134.05

Meet the Elk Ridge, an epitome of precision and artistry meticulously designed for the discerning marksman.


SMA - Steep Mountain

*Starting at $6,422.33

Sheep hunting starts where Elk and Deer hunting stops. Sheep hunters are a different breed and require specialized equipment to complete what many hunters would deem an impossible task.

SMA - Tactical Crest

*Starting at $6,606.90

Introducing the Tactical Crest, the pinnacle of modern hunting innovation.


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