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Soldier Mountain Arms has been a dream 45 years in the making. My passion for the outdoors started as a child of the seventies, I spent many Sunday afternoons watching Curt Gowdy and Jim Mckay on The American Sportsman and Wide World of Sports.  Their adventures started a fire in me that has only gotten stronger with time. I enjoyed many days, dreaming of faraway hunts and adventures as a young boy.


Fast forward 40 some odd years later. I’ve had a 30-year career in process engineering and manufacturing and have developed a skill set that lends itself to the core company values of quality, consistency, and safety. I started Soldier Mountain Arms LLC with these core values in place.


I’ve always been a hunter, but like many hunters who have missed on that “shot of a lifetime”.  I made a decision; you see about 12 years ago the one that got away started my journey towards precision shooting. After many years of trial and error, we have brought together some of the finest equipment available to accurately get first round hits at all practical ranges. With training and consistent practice, we have taken many quality western animals with our products. We aren’t just hunters we’re precision long-range shooters too. As the targets have gotten further away our enjoyment and commitment continue to increase.


Soldier Mountain Arms LLC is a family owned and operated business. Our passion for all things outdoors, fuels our drive for precision equipment that functions as designed. All of our custom rifles, optics, rangefinders, ammunition, and gear are truly “field tested” by us; if it doesn’t work we don’t use it, period.


My family truly loves the outdoors. The mountains call to us and we answer…

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion for precision shooting systems with you.





Edward R Stephens (Rob) Owner, rifle builder, ammunition designer, field tester and custodian


Stacy Stephens (patient, loving wife), Owner


Allison Isaacson daughter, business owner, marketing adviser


Christian Isaacson son-in-law, business owner, product field tester, technical adviser and gun nut


Emma Stephens daughter; Website designer, online sales manager and marketing manager


Spencer Stephens son; student, systems field tester, tech helper and jack of all trades


Logan Stephens son; student, shop help, field tester and long range expert marksman  

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