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SMA- Deadline Ridge T3

*Starting at $2,929.95

 The Deadline Ridge is our precision semi-custom rifle. Featuring the rock-solid Tikka T3/T3x Stainless Steel action as the foundation for this budget-friendly build. The strategy behind this build is simple: take the fantastic Tikka T3 platform and rebuild it to improve every aspect. After disassembly, the action is inspected, and critical measurements are taken. The Tikka action is then trued up and blueprinted. After the action is prepared, we mate a Proof Research Carbon Fiber precision rifle barrel to the action maintaining a .0002 tolerance throughout the chambering process. With the precision barreled action complete, we apply a customer specified coat of Cerakote ceramic paint. The barreled action is then set into a AG Composite Alpine Hunter Carbon Stock. The finished rifle is then test fired to confirm accuracy standard of 1/2MOA or better 3 shot 100 yard group using quality factory ammunition.

With plenty of available options and the ability to use your own Tikka T3 as a $700 dollar credit this package is easy on your wallet and sure to be a tac driving precision long range killer you will be proud to have in your safe.

*Please note that images may depict additional products for illustrative purposes, and the specifications and prices provided here are specific to the product outlined.

The Specs:

Action: Tikka T3/T3x Stainless Steel

Barrel: Proof Research Premium Carbon Fiber Sendero Contour (16.5-26” Barrel Lengths)

Stock: AG Composite Alpine Hunter

Trigger: Tikka Factory

Bottom Metal: Tikka Factory

Muzzle Device: 11 Degree Target Crown

Metal Finish: Cerakote Barreled Action Single Color

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