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SMA - Steep Mountain Ti

*Starting at $5,134.05

Sheep hunting starts where Elk and Deer hunting stops. Sheep hunters are a different breed and require specialized equipment to complete what many hunters would deem an impossible task. The alpine regions of the world that hold these magnificent animals are the most beautiful and brutal of landscapes known to man. EVERY OUNCE COUNTS ON A SHEEP HUNT. We challenged our team to come up with the lightest, most packable, most precise sheep rifle on the market and the results are truly remarkable.

The Steep Mountain Ti is ounce for ounce the lightest, best shooting extreme elevation rifle on the planet. The technology behind the components selected for this extreme rifle are amazing and frankly didn't exist just a few short years ago. The Steep Mountain is a combination of space age materials blended to become a high precision instrument capable of shots that may only happen once in a hunter's lifetime.

“This ain't your Grandpa's rifle”. In its lightest configuration the dry weight of the Steep comes in at just 5lbs. Outfitted with a Leupold VX6HD 3-18x44 scope with Hawkins Precision Hybrid Lightweight rings this package ready to hunt comes in at just 6lbs 3oz. At that weight this rifle almost packs itself. What this build lacks in weight it makes up for in long range shooting performance.

We guarantee all of our rifles to hold 3 shot ½ MOA or better group standards with quality factory ammunition, but what makes the Sheep Mountain Ti different from other ultra lightweight competitors is a zero point of impact shift on the shot that counts the most, the cold bore shot. Most ultralight hunting rifles are built using pencil thin barrels to take as much weight off as possible. The problem with this concept is radical point of impact shifts from the initial cold bore shot. It’s common to see point of impact variations from light contour barrels ranging between ¾ to 1”. A 1” POI shift at 700 yards results in over 7 inches of variation from the first shot to follow up shot and can result in a miss of that ounce in a lifetime trophy. We eliminate POI shift by utilizing state of the art equipment with our match grade chambering process to eliminate POI shift and guarantee unrivaled performance.

The foundation of the Steep is The Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti perfectly matched to a hand selected Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel and nestled in the Manners MCS-PH. The finished rifle is then test fired to confirm accuracy standard of 1/2MOA 3 shot 100 yard group with quality factory ammunition.

Pick up a Steep Mountain build and you will immediately feel the next level of modern long range rifle technology.

*Please note that images may depict additional products for illustrative purposes, and the specifications and prices provided here are specific to the product outlined.

The Specs:

Action: Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti, RH, SA, LA, With Spiral Fluted Bolt

Barrel: Proof Research Carbon Fiber (16.5-22” Barrel Lengths)

Chassis: Manners MCS-PH Carbon Fiber Stock

Trigger: TT Primary

Bottom Metal: Hawkins Precision Hunter M5 DBM with one 3 round mag

Muzzle Device: 1 Degree Muzzle Crown

Metal Finish: Cerakote Barreled Action 1 Color

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