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SMA - Wells Summit

*Starting at $5,504.65

Presenting the Wells Summit, our mid-level marvel that seamlessly integrates high-end features typically found in much pricier custom rifles. The rugged foundation of this blue-collar build lies in the Lone Peak Arms Titanium Razor action, boasting the classic aesthetics of a round bolt body and a fully spiral-fluted bolt coated in black nitride for unparalleled smooth cycling in challenging conditions. Precision-mated to this is a meticulously chosen Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel, undergoing our match-grade threading and chambering process to maintain a remarkable .0002 of coaxial alignment, resulting in an ultra-precise zero headspace chamber.

The completed barreled action is then adorned with a customer-selected coat of Cerakote ceramic paint, harmonizing aesthetics with durability. Post-Cerakote, the barreled action finds its place in the AG Composite Alpine Hunter. A rugged and hardy stock that will take this build to the next level. To ascertain its prowess, the finished rifle undergoes rigorous testing, achieving a 1/2 MOA 3-shot group at 100 yards with quality factory ammunition. With the Lone Peak Arms Titanium Razor action and Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel at its core, the Wells Summit is not just a rifle; it's a precision tool ready to conquer the toughest environments on the planet, making no prey safe at any range.

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The Specs:

Action: Lone Peak Arms Razor Ti, LA, SA, RH, Spiral Bolt Fluting

Barrel: Proof Research Premium Carbon Fiber Sendero Contour (16.5-26” Barrel Lengths)

Stock: AG Composite Alpine Hunter
Trigger: TriggerTechPrimary

Bottom Metal: Hawkins M5 DBM Hunter with 3 round mag

Muzzle Device: 11 Degree Target Crown

Metal Finish: Cerakote Barreled Action 1 Color

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