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AG Composite Stocks - Alpine Hunter Stock
  • AG Composite Stocks - Alpine Hunter Stock

    • Two swivel studs installed in the forend
    • One swivel stud installed in the buttstock
    • No hardware such as bottom metal, action or barrel is included
    • Several different color & camo options available
    • Our stocks are inletted for Rem 700 and common rem clones such as Defiance, Kelbly, Stiller, Lone Peak, etc. 
    • 1” Pachmayr Decelerator pad
    • Action area & barrel channel are CNC machined for precise fit * Cut to fit Proof Sendero
    • 100% carbon fiber
    • There is an aluminum block inside the forend from the tip of the stock to 1" in front of the recoil lug.  This can be drilled and tapped for different type rails
    • Stocks cured up to 250 degrees (F) resulting in rigidity and durability
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