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SKU: 70-G21HK-011415

Setting the standards in bullpup PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifles is the Hatsan BullBoss QE. The side-lever action BullBoss QE comes FULLY LOADED! It includes our QuietEnergy barrel technology, our acclaimed Quattro 2-stage fully adjustable match trigger, a precision rifled German steel barrel, and a patented anti-knock system to prevent gas wastage when the rifle is knocked or bounced. Not to mention the multiple optic/accessory rails, adjustable cheek comb, and ventilated rubber butt pad to round out its standard features. At just 36.8” long and at 8.6 lbs., the BullBoss QE contains a full 23” length barrel that provides up to 49 FPE and up to 1350 FPS! After choosing one of our Optima scopes and whether you want a tactical synthetic stock or a more classic wood stock, this PCP air rifle has everything you could possibly want for your next hunting trip or day out shooting.

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