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SMA Elk Ridge - 6.5PRC

SMA Elk Ridge - 6.5PRC

Meet the Elk Ridge, an epitome of precision and artistry meticulously designed for the discerning marksman. Anchored by the Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Stainless Steel action, available in Long and Short Action, and coated with Nitride for enduring resilience, the Elk Ridge ensures reliability with a touch of elegance. The spiral bolt fluting adds a distinctive flair to its functionality. The Bartlein Stainless Steel Varmint Contour barrel, spanning 16.5 to 24 inches, guarantees unparalleled accuracy. Nestled in a Manners LRH stock, the Elk Ridge merges style with ergonomic excellence. With the TT Primary trigger, Hawkins Precision M5 bottom metal, and an 11 Degree Muzzle Crown, every detail is crafted for optimal performance. The Cerakote-barreled action in a single color provides a sleek finish. Ensuring precision, we maintain a concentricity tolerance of .0002", and with a bold commitment, we guarantee a 1/2 MOA three-shot group at 100 yards. The Elk Ridge is more than a rifle; it's a testament to the pursuit of perfection in every shot


The Specs:

Action: Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Stainless Steel, SA, RH, Nitride Action Coating, Spiral Bolt Fluting

Barrel: Proof Carbon Fiber Sendero (22") (1-8T) *BARREL UPGRADE

Stock: Manners LRH (Elite Tac Camo - High Plains)

Trigger: TT Primary (Flat)

Bottom Metal: Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM

Muzzle Device: 11 Degree Muzzle Crown

Metal Finish: Cerakote (Black)

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