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SKU: 012001

Introducing the SMA - HNT 26 Fix, the ideal solution to augment the already exceptional MDT HNT 26 Chassis. While the HNT 26 Chassis already stands as a pinnacle of lightweight design for hunting applications, its performance with larger cartridges, like many large Magnum cartridges, can sometimes be compromised by point-of-impact shifts. These powerful rounds can lead to subtle but impactful point-of-impact shifts, compromising the accuracy and reliability that hunters demand in the field.


Enter the SMA - HNT 26 Fix, meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate into the existing chassis structure. Crafted with precision and bonded to the chassis with robust and sturdy J-B Weld™, this innovative solution offers unparalleled stability and rigidity. By allowing you to securely bed and lock the barreled action into the chassis, it effectively eliminates any potential mechanical failures, ensuring consistent performance shot after shot.


But the advantages of the HNT 26 Fix don't end there. Included with the kit is an easy-to-follow instructional video, designed to guide users through the installation process step by step. This comprehensive kit equips hunters with everything they need to complete the upgrade, including the SMA - HNT 26 Fix, J-B Weld™ Syringe, 80 Grit Sand Paper, and alcohol wipes. With these essential components at their disposal, hunters can effortlessly enhance their chassis for improved marksmanship, all within the comfort of their own home.


With the SMA - HNT 26 Fix, you'll not only overcome the limitations of your chassis but also gain the confidence to push your hunting experience to new heights. Say goodbye to point of impact shifts and hello to unrivaled precision and reliability in every shot.

  • Options:

    Option 1: Just the Part Itself

    • Perfect for experienced gunsmiths who have all the equipment to install the part. You can now purchase the HNT26 FIX as a standalone part and unleash its full potential on your rifle.

    Option 2: The Full Kit

    • Designed for the average joe, the full kit includes everything you need to install and bed your rifle. We have even created an in-depth instructional video to guide you through the process, making it accessible to anyone.

    Option 3: Professional Installation

    • Want the most accurate and rock-solid chassis for your rifle? Let our expert team handle the installation and bedding process. Send your rifle to us, and we'll ensure it's professionally installed for unmatched precision.

Expected to be ship start of June.
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