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SMA Tactical Crest - 7 PRC

SMA Tactical Crest - 7 PRC

Introducing the Tactical Crest, the pinnacle of modern hunting innovation. At its core, this exceptional rifle is anchored by the Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti action, a featherlight yet robust titanium masterpiece. The precision-crafted Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel ensures unmatched accuracy and performance, while the MDT HNT 26 Chassis provides a tactical edge with its adaptability and precision engineering.


The Specs:

Action: Lone Peak Arms Fuzion AlpineTitanium, LA, RH, DLC Action Coating, Spiral Bolt Fluting

Barrel: Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel (20”) 1-8T

Stock: MDT HNT 26 Chassis (Non-Folding)

Trigger: TT Primary (Black Flat Lever)

Bottom Metal: MDT 5-round Magazine

Muzzle Device: 11 Degree Muzzle Crown. 5/8-24 Thread

Metal Finish: 1 Color Cerakoted Barreled Action

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