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Two Vets The No Name JR Tripod
  • Two Vets The No Name JR Tripod

    The No Name Jr tripod is truly a back woods back country hunters best friend. Offering a light weight compact solution to rucking a tripod in. This tripod is a sitting or high kneeling shooting tripod without the center column or a spotting tripod with the center column.



    2.3lbs W/O Center Column 2.7lbs With 

    Leg Sections 

    4 / 3 Twist Locks 

    Main Tube Diamater 

    28MM Main Tube

    Collapsed Height 

    18 Inches W/O Center Column 

    Deployed Height 

    49 Inches W/O Center Column 63 Inches With  

    Leg Adjustment Tabs 

    Racheting Ears 

    Twist Locks 

    1/2 Turn Twist Locks 

    Intergrated Spikes In Feet 


    Head Options 


    Whats Included 

    Tripod, Spiked Feet, Center Column & Carrying Bag

    Max Weight Rating 

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