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Accuracy Services

Shop rate  $65.00 per hour (1/2 hr minimum)


Blue Print and re-barrel customer supplied receiver 

Muzzle brake and installation (Hawkins Precision) 

Muzzle Threading 

Re-cut muzzle crown and lap 

Custom trigger install 


Triggers- (Timmney- Rem 700 $145.96, Calvin Elite $227.08) (Jewell- Rem 700 $249.99)

               (Trigger Tech- Rem 700 Primary $144.99, Special $184.99, Diamond $269.99)

               (Bix'n Andy-Rem 700 $235.00) 

Factory rifle accurizing with field data collection with customer supplied ammunition

Scope mounting, lapping and leveling to action 

Custom load development: includes rifle cleaning and evaluation, headspace measurement, scope mounting and leveling, test firing, manufacturing of a custom modified case to measure exact chamber dimensions, load work up, field analysis and Doppler radar ballistic data collection, 50 rounds of custom loaded ammunition. 


Stock Work- Re-Stock, Pillar Bedding


Call For Pricing and Turnaround Time   


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